Newmar PTMS-24-67 Charger System [PTMS-24-67]

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PTMS-24-67 Charger System

The PTM charger provides a significant improvement in system reliability by utilizing multiple independent charger modules that plug into the unit, and should a fault occur in one module, the system continues to operate, thus being considered a “fault”.

The system consists of a wall-mount case that serves as a connection point to AC input and battery output (3 banks) and contains three front-facing power bays, each accommodating a 22.5-amp charger module that slides and locks in place, creating a 24V, 67-amp charger. If a module fault occurs, a front panel indicator and alarm relay are activated, and the system continues operating on the other modules. A fourth bay houses the “smart” controller circuit that provides 3-step charging, temperature compensation, system status LEDs, alarm contacts, and indicators. Should the controller suffer a fault, the charger will still operate at full power in float voltage mode. The controller module is also configured for easy plug-in replacement in the field.

Vessel operators appreciate this system approach to reliability and serviceability, whereby a fault in one of the modules is easily identified and it can be quickly replaced with an on-hand spare or an exchange unit from the factory, all the while the charging system and the vessel continue to operate.


Redundant, independent 22.5 amp charger modules increase reliability; a malfunction of one does not disable the charging system; the remaining modules continue to operate.


  • Module change-out takes only minutes via plug-and-play configuration while the system continues to operate
  • Technical personnel not required
  • No need to remove the charger case from the boat or disconnect any wiring
  • No inconvenience of power interruption to the boat


  • Three-stage “smart” charging; bulk, absorption, float
  • Battery type selector switch; gel-cell, lead-acid, AGM
  • Temperature-compensated output via sensor
  • 24 Volt; 22-67 amps
  • “Universal” input of 90-264 VAC, 50-60 Hz. – can be used anywhere in the world
  • Powder-coated stainless steel case
  • ABS approved as a redundant power system for essential services as well as a battery charger


  • Modules Installed: 3
  • Max Output Amps: 67
  • Max Input Amps @ 115/230 VAC: 18/9
  • Dimensions: 20.9 x 10.9 x 8.8 inches (53.1 x 27.7 x 22.4 centimeters)
  • Weight (lbs/kg): 35/16

Input Specifications:

  • Voltage/Frequency: 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz, single phase; derate linearly from 100% output @ 105 VAC to 80% output @ 90 VAC
  • Amperage: 18 @ 120 VAC; 9 @ 230 VAC
  • Power Factor: .96-.99
  • Efficiency: 85% typical

Output Specifications:

  • Output Amps: 67 total
  • Nominal Charge/Float Voltages: Gel-Cell: 28.0 VDC @ 50% load/27.2 @ .5A load; Flooded/AGM: 28.4 @ 50% load/26.8 @ 5A load
  • Temperature Compensation (Option): – 5 mV per cell per degrees C (typical), requires optional sensor model TCS-12/24
  • Battery Banks: 3 (Recommended Battery Type/Capacity: Gel-Cell, Flooded or Sealed Lead-Acid, 120-600 A-H)

Status Indicators/Signal Outputs

Output OK, No Output, Check System, Battery Too Hot, Total Output Bar Graph, Output Voltage Test Points, Contacts for Optional Remote Alarm)

Temperature Rating

0-60 degrees C; derate linearly from 100% output @ 50 degrees C to 80% output @ 60 degrees C)

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Case Material: Powder Coated Stainless Steel
  • Weight: With three modules installed: 34 lbs/15.5 kg.
  • Empty: 16 lbs/7.3 kg.
  • Cooling: Forced air per module

Individual Module Specifications:

  • Model: PTM-24-22 (24 volt)
  • Input Voltage/Frequency: 90-264 VAC; 47-63 Hz; derate linearly from 100% output @ 105
  • VAC to 80% output @ 90 VAC
  • Input Current: 3 amps @ 230VAC; 6 amps @ 115 VAC
  • Output Current: 22.5 amps max in Bulk Phase; 20 amps max in Absorption/Float Phases
  • Power Factor: .96-.99
  • Efficiency: 85% typical
  • Protection Features: Input Fuse, Output Fuse, Current Limiting, Over Voltage Protection,
  • Cooling Fan, Automatic Thermal Shutdown/Recovery
  • Status Indicators: Output OK/FAULT
  • Weight: 6 lbs.

Optional Accessories:

  • Temperature Compensation Sensor: Model TCS-12/24 with 25′ of cable


  • ABS-type approved redundant power system for essential services and as a battery charger, UL Recognized; E183223, Level 3
  • Safety: EN60950-1 USA, Canada, Europe EMI Radiated and Conducted: FCC Part 15 Level A; EN55022 Class A
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