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Revolve Rollable Utility Pole w/Soft Brush [03-REV-SBP]

$149.00 $139.49

Rollable Utility Pole with Soft Brush

Revolve Deck Gear System has designed and developed a unique, full-size rollable utility pole and soft brush that stows into the smallest of spaces. The Revolve utility pole uses next-generation rollable composite technology to be easily rolled up for storage and quickly unrolled for use. 

When it comes to gently cleaning vulnerable surfaces, a soft brush is a must.  Designed with sensitive surfaces in mind, this brush will wash away dirt, debris, and all the built muck on your boat, RV, power sports vehicle, or any hard surface.

Lightweight and compact, the Revolve utility pole with a soft brush is genuinely revolutionary. 


  • Full-size 75" utility pole (unrolled) 
  • The rollable composite material is light and strong making the Revolve utility pole around half the weight of traditional designs
  • Stows in the smallest spaces
  • Tough weatherproof finish
  • Softest, most effective bristles for gentle cleaning

*Sold as an Individual


  • Type: Tools & Accessories
  • Box Dimensions: 6"H x 10"W x 12"L WT: 1 lbs

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